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Get the home you have always wanted. Droomie has everything you need to find the great place you are looking for. View 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Bedroom homes in your area. Choose from many locations and amenities. When you search our results you have the option to narrow the search results by things such as number of rooms, type of pets, property Sq.Ft., price, location, and more. We have worked hard to bring you the best real estate search ever made. This site was last updated(Today). New properties are added daily. Chances are if you don't find one today you will tomorrow. Take a look at the top cities in the list bellow if you are interested in learning where the top place to live are. You can also look at our top menu to find our other ways to start your search.


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Droomie was created by Lucio Development Inc. We developed Droomie to give the contry a new way to view and list real estate.


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Droomie has more than 20,000 US Cities in its listings. Out of those, there are about 10,000 that have listings. The larger cities like Austin, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Dallas, San Deigo, Denver, Orlando, and New York City have the most listings.Start searching to find out how many properties are available in your location. If you have a property and want to list it then go to our get found page to get started.

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